FantasyForge’s Mass Nudity Comic Strips

Update: my new site is at:

For group-nudity comics without peril, you can visit my NuForge Gum Road shop:

For group-nudity comics with peril: Get comics from the FantasyForge paywall site uncensored, published in full, and with exclusive bonus scenes. Bonus scenes are different views of the same scene. These are often included for scenes where the ladies, e.g. womens soccer players, are playing a game naked, or are stripping, and so on. The same scene is shown from different angles and perspectives, to give an all-round view.

Here are some examples. I have censored these images, but, on my Subscribe Star site, they are fully nude, with no censorship. The images on this page are only half the width of the full size images.

Also, similarly:


Again, there are no black rectangles, of course, on my Star site.

The Star site has, in addition, bonus scenes, that show, for scenes with nudity, the same scenes but from different angles and perspectives. for example, the image above has a bonus scene, below. This example shows what the rear view looks like. Literally.

Another FantasyForge website is here:

Get FantasyForge’s uncensored work, at high res, at

Don’t forget to subscribe, and thanks for your support.

Published by massnudity3dcomics

I create realistic 3D comic strips with stories that involve many women being naked together. The setting is a parallel universe, like Earth, but where clothes get banned by a ruler, that kind of thing.

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