Praise For Nude Games Dames Comic Strip

FantasyForge posts some of his artwork to certain forums and his work has received the following feedback and praise.

FantasyForge’s Mass Nudity 3D Comic Strips – see:

Nude Games Dames Comic Strip

“Really great story development and it seems that more stuff is coming. Can’t wait to see it. <3” – Jonathan Orlov

“Great to see the announcers strip…they are definitely overdressed!” – Sizzle

“I love this serie of pictures, very good idea, I am waiting for result, I wonder who will dangle under the gallows, and curious about what hanging method. Slow-hanging ? Short-drop ?” – orion51

Wow…it finally gets REALLY nice! The announcers stripping was great, as was the initial stripping of the girls…but now in action on the soccer field with high kicks and lunges for the ball…FANTASTIC!!!Sizzle

I’m enjoying the match itself. it’s funny to watch how you deal with each of the players, they really aren’t that good at this game it seems. One thought, put the time clock in the scene, would give how much time is left to increase suspense (if you know the game). – Killerbeas2

Yet again…WONDERFUL kicking scenes. Nude female bodies are SO MUCH more erotic in vigorous action like this than when static! Thanks Forge! (…or is it Brimstone?)…ForgeOfBrimstone is a bit of a mouthful for a “name”! – Sizzle

“OMG, we lost. We’re going to swing!” Now she realizes what she and her team let themselves in for. Doh! Well, it should be entertaining for us! – APDamien

Exciting conclusion to the game! – Sizzle

This is a really great story! Can’t wait for the conclusion! – Killerbeas2

“Peril Sports Show” Probably the [FantasyForge]-Universe equivalent of ESPN, and even more profitable! Looking good! – APDamien

Wonderful series so far and i’m joining the party at the exact right time. Great decision to hang the losing team and i’m looking forward to it ! 8-))) – JackPott

A beautiful picture of the enchanting Martta in contrast to the clothed agents. The losers of the soccer game must hang, of course. Anything else is out of the question.
In my opinion, they are a disgrace to the sport, because they sold their lives for the price of one million. Now they must pay for it. – gerardo13

I’m REALLY looking forward to seeing Agent Juggers strip! – Sizzle

Agent Juggers… yeah! I like this story. – lurchi123

IMO the stripping PROCESS is important!…much sexier to watch her strip instead of her suddenly appearing nude! – Sizzle

Oh this is so great !

I LOVE to see women stripping and soon we will see, if Agent
Juggers is a REAL blonde – JackPott

Ha, what i had expected: Agent Juggers is a brunette and wears fake blonde hair
and now everybody can see it – this is funny and i also like her fitting expression. 8-))) – JackPott

I also can’t say that I’m surprised that she’s not a natural blonde! Great to see her panties come off, ESPECIALLY since it’s reluctant! Sizzle

Excellent render, can’t wait to see the rest – Joxx

Great panorama pic Doc, and most of all i want to see Agent Juggers perform the first dance 8-))) Yeah, i know, it’s not in your storyboard, but in mine 8-))))))) – JackPott

Definitely like the DANCING!!! They are, of course, great athletes…so this should help their dance moves to be very vigorous /
If they had kicked like that during the match, then they would not have lost“. GREAT comment from the coach! Since JP made the comparison with Susan Coquin’s taunting comments, I’ll just offer my opinion that FOR ME, generally less comments are better than more comments on the part of the story characters…in this case the players. I like it better when comments are sparse, but are real ZINGERS…like this comment from the coach). – Sizzle

The picture number 73 is fantastic ! The bodies positions, facial expressions and thoughts of the winners are good, very well realized – orion51

Brilliant, Master! If you don’t mind, some considerations. You can see that the next match, if it takes place, […] they will not have the advantage of knowing the enemy, and their self-importance is off scale. And dangle them in the nooses! 🙂 – wladim

Excellent series, i loved it. – Redzen

TODO More to come…

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I create realistic 3D comic strips with stories that involve many women being naked together. The setting is a parallel universe, like Earth, but where clothes get banned by a ruler, that kind of thing.

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