Trixabels Hangversity

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Trixabels Hangversity is a major series of stories set inside my parallel fantasy universe. It is a dark satire, a 3D fantasy comic strip that concerns an academic institution, funded by the Empire, which trains students (this is a unisex female students’ hangversity) to be hangwomen.

With a population of 100 billion, 90% females, there is an overpopulation problem. Executions of prisoners and other delinquents are common forms of Justice in the empire.

In addition to that, a major feature of Trixabels Hangversity are Code Nude Days. On such a day, most staff and all students must be naked at all times.

The Hangversity is run by the titular Lady Trixabel. Hangmasters, such as Sir Isambard Ropebastard are amongst the team of asphyxology professors, who provide tuition. Tuition incudes “hands-on” practicals, involving executing condemned prisoners, amongst others.

The 3D fantasy comic strip, Trixabels Hangversity, can be found on my Star site, below.

I hope you enjoy the show.

Published by massnudity3dcomics

I create realistic 3D comic strips with stories that involve many women being naked together. The setting is a parallel universe, like Earth, but where clothes get banned by a ruler, that kind of thing.

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