Praise From Ladies

Image: One of the sldies from my Nude Poker Players chapter 3 comic.

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“I rush every morning to see the rest of your stories”
I (FantasyForge) post some of my artwork to certain forums and receive many messages. Even though my art predominantly features female nudity, both Ladies and Gentlemen enjoy my work. Below are from two female fans. Some are presented here, unedited, except for one word obscenity, and idenity. So, here, below are some messages – FF.

I know that French language is very difficult for foreigners… I speak only broken English but this is an opportunity to congratulate you on your stories … thanks!
VC December 30, 2020

As a Marxist I would totally join in this poker game. If I can give my life for the cause I will, ❤

Plus it makes me really ***, ;-P

I hope I’d lose.

Ok, going back to reading your story from Chapt. 1, 🙂

AF July 04, 2021

Can do, I’m just saying, if you need another Marxist poker player in the future, I’m your gal, ❤

AF July 05, 2021

Could we do a future installment of this story? I love what I’ve seen, and I’m probably going to buy the story once payday comes, just watching them all play poker, knowing they’re all going to die but one, it’s a head rush.

I love the idea of friends and lovers playing together, because we know that one or both won’t be making it out of there, and they might even turn on each other.

You have a very interesting and erotic premise, and I love it so much, ❤

AF July 05, 2021

Hi my friend!
Sorry I didn’t answer faster, but I’ve been very busy.
I find your version of Hanging Poker fantastic; first of all because there must be only one survivor, of course, but also because the idea of ​​a hanging for cheating is new, and that in addition it is the hanging of an innocent. You have renewed the genre with this innovation. I am very touched by the hanging of >censored due to spoiler<, when she is innocent and a good player: nothing more unfair and therefore moving.
I would just have a slight criticism: I find that you go a bit fast in the sequences; for example for >censored due to spoiler<, we don’t see Melissa getting on the chair (does she get on her own or does she get help?), we don’t see her getting her hands tied (she struggles? does she accept the situation ?)
I also find that it would have been interesting for the losing girls to express their feelings more, for example to a journalist following the tournament: like “I played, I lost, it’s the game …” “What a bad luck! Too bad!” “I had accepted the risk … All I ask is to die without suffering too much” etc …
I’m following also “Naked Obedience”, I expect a lot from it! I rush every morning to see the rest of your stories (four stories at the same time, isn’t that a lot? “)
Don’t answer me! I prefer you to work!


VC September 19, 2021

It’s my pleasure! You know that I am a big fan of your work and I look at everything in detail.

I am extremely moved to see >censored due to spoiler<,hanged, with her neck twisted by the rope, and I wish her to die slowly without too much pain. It is undoubtedly the most moving death because it is terribly unfair: >censored due to spoiler<, certainly agreed to be hanged if she lost at poker, but here she is hanged for a fault she did not commit and without being able to prove his innocence. She can’t even argue and hope to escape it: all she can do is just agree to be hanged; this is why I find it a pity that you did not show yourself more her feelings: I would have liked to be able to identify myself even more with her.

The fact that the four other survivors applaud this hanging makes them in my eyes justiciable of the rope, as well as >censored due to spoiler<, (will the latter be hanged too? I hope, of course, although there is no not have enough noose).

Do not answer me, so as not to slow down the pace of your production: I am looking forward to the updates!

Thanks for your work!

VC October 01, 2021

Hi my friend ! Are you well ? A day without reading your posts is terribly long; it’s a lost day ! Take care of you !

VC November 04, 2021

FantasyForge (the artist) here again. I wish to thank the ladies, above, for their kind feedback. It’s great to know one’s work is appreciated. And, of course, an artist only hears from a minute fraction of their fans. Thanks again.

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